Service S4S.RU it allows you to establish business contacts between buyers and sellers bypassing numerous chains of intermediaries.

Using the service S4S.RU it opens up opportunities for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to make large profits, scale their business, expanding the geography of sales.

Service S4S.RU provides logistics tools, accounting and control of delivery of goods, and buyers-the ability to buy goods quickly, conveniently and safely. 

Service S4S.RU - is the ability to quickly reach the audience, even without having a large marketing budget.

Service S4S.RU it is available for users of any level and scale, from a private farmer to an agro-industrial holding, from a small carrier to a large logistics company and from a supermarket to a shop counter within walking distance.

Service S4S.RU this is the optimal tool for all market participants. All that is required from the user is to register, open your store and place ads about your products, services and needs. And we, in turn, will make sure That you know the maximum number of people in different countries.

Using module BeruVezu.ru, as an embedded part of the service S4S.RU, large transport companies will be able to increase the volume and expand the geography of their traffic by establishing new business relationships. And smaller and just private entrepreneurs-carriers, will also be able to find a potential client and start providing services for the transportation of goods.

Service S4S.RU -an international platform that allows you to find partners around the world.

We invite to cooperation Associations and Unions of producers, organizations and private entrepreneurs who want to become our partners and contribute to the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the Russian Federation.

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