04.03.2019 в 17:30

10 helpful tips on caring for seedlings

Self-growing strong and strong seedlings of crops is not easy. In order for a plant to develop properly, it is necessary to provide it with optimal conditions. Here are some important tips:
Place 2-3 seeds in each container (cup) for seedlings. This will then help you choose the most viable sapling.
2. Before planting the seeds soak better. The procedure speeds up germination, reduces the risk of fungus entering the seed.
3. Powder the seeds, be sure to tamp the soil a little. This will give them good contact with the soil.
4. To ensure optimal growth conditions, the container with the seedlings should be covered with a greenhouse. Carefully monitor the temperature inside, air daily.
5. When the first shoots appear, remove the greenhouse and highlight them with fluorescent or special fitolamps, LED strips. Place the light source no higher than 20 cm from the plant.
6. Prior to the formation of the first sheets, replace with irrigation to prevent over-wetting of the soil.
7. Apply liquid fertilizers that are quickly absorbed so that the plants in a short time receive the necessary nutrients. It is recommended to begin feeding with the appearance of the first leaves. Ensure fertilizers are applied to warm soil. This will ensure optimal activity of bacteria and substances.
8. Mineral fertilizers apply in the form of a weak solution with a frequency of 1 time in 7-10 days.
9. To prepare the plants for planting, they need to ensure acclimatization. Several times a day, open the window, run your hand over the seedlings, creating a draft, for about an hour every day you take out the seedlings under direct sunlight. During the period of acclimatization, water the plants need not heated water.
10. Do not let seedlings outgrow container sizes. When the seedlings are strong enough and they form several true leaves, it is recommended to transplant the plants into large pots.
By following simple tips, you can grow quality and viable seedlings on your windowsill, which will then give a good harvest.