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How do you take care of strawberries?

Each gardener wants to get on the site tasty and juicy berries. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to provide the plant with proper care throughout the year. We picked up strawberry care tips for you.
Proper care of strawberries in the spring
Strawberry recovery after the cold weather should begin as soon as the snow melts. The purpose of spring care is to prepare the berries for flowering and fruiting. Gardeners recommended:
Clear weeds and dry last year’s foliage of beds and aisle. In addition, you need to remove those strawberry bushes that froze out during wintering.
It is necessary to get rid of the covering materials that protected the plant from the cold.
Pour some sawdust on the beds. It is preferable to use conifers. In the absence of sawdust, chopped straw is suitable. Mulching will provide reliable protection against the appearance of weeds.
Add nitrogen fertilizer to the soil. They need to be diluted, according to the instructions, then pour the strawberries between the rows.
To carry out regular abundant watering. To get the bushes enough moisture, carry out the procedure no more than once a week. Before the appearance of flowers and berries, watering strawberries can be sprinkled. In the subsequent period — only under the roots.
You can treat the plant with copper sulphate. The solution must be applied before flowering, before buds begin to bloom.
Strawberry care in summer
During flowering and fruiting the main task is to obtain a bountiful harvest. To ripen tasty and juicy berries, it is recommended:
Daily weeding beds. The presence of weeds significantly complicates the full development of strawberries, so you need to get rid of unwanted plants in time.
Weekly watering. If summer is dry and hot, water strawberries twice as often. This should be done in the morning before active sunshine appears.
Periodic inspection. Make sure that no pests or signs of disease appear on the sheets. It is recommended to immediately remove the affected bushes from the beds, it is advisable to burn them.
Mulching. When the first ovaries appear, you need to sprinkle the soil with straw or sawdust again. The procedure will help to avoid rotting the berries when they fall to the ground.
Top dressing. Fertilizers need to be made before the appearance of buds. It is recommended to add to them nitrophoska and potassium sulfate.
Collecting fruits. All ripe berries should be removed as soon as possible. Separate them together with the stalk.
Preparing for the winter. When the strawberry stops producing fruit, it must be fed again. Approximate dates — the first third of August.
Rain Protection. If there is too much or frequent precipitation, strawberries should be covered with foil.
We keep strawberries in winter — we take care of them in autumn
The main task at this time is to provide the plant with protection from cold weather. Recommendations for ensuring wintering strawberries:
Cut off the antennae and large leaves with a special garden tool. Leave only 1-2 young shoots.
Treat with colloidal sulfur solution to prevent strawberry mite.
Loosen the soil between the rows and pile up the bushes so that the root system is completely covered with earth.
Add humus or specialized dry fertilizer to the soil.
Water the plant with water and cover with hay or sawdust.
By caring for strawberries correctly throughout the year, you will ensure a bountiful and high-quality harvest. Terms of starting work may vary depending on the region and climatic conditions. However, their sequence remains the same.