09.03.2019 в 16:41

How to make a product photo selling

Use natural light. To achieve the best result, take a picture during the day. An important condition is not only the quantity, but also the correct distribution of light. To get a more attractive image of the product, try to make the light source more than the object being photographed.
For photographing objects it is recommended to use a white background. Thanks to him, the buyer’s view will be focused on the product. To create a white background at home, use a single piece of large-format paper or a white cloth. Arrange the material so that most of it lies on the table, bend the edge gently upwards, securing it on the box or the back of the chair.
Photograph your product from different angles. This will then help you choose the best shot. The more original the angle, the more interesting the photo will be.
Use a tripod. This will help avoid camera shake and get clear pictures.
Try to reflect the size of the goods. Place a recognizable object in the frame in relation to which you can determine the dimensions of your products.
If you are photographing products, create a composition by adding different decorative elements. So the image will be more appetizing. You can place flowers, spices, bright fruits and berries next to the product, lay the subject table with a textured fabric.
Beautifully looked photos of goods taken in a natural setting. If you are selling clothes or jewelry, be sure to take a photo on the model. So the buyer will be able to more accurately represent the appearance of the product.
To highlight the bright details of the product, use shooting in the «Macro». This feature is particularly suitable for photographs of small items. With this mode of shooting, the background is slightly blurred, which makes the pictures more interesting and more attractive.
Photo processing will help remove the flaws and improve the quality of images. To do this, you can use any online editor that you think is most convenient.