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Tibetan milk mushroom

Milk mushroom composition
In addition to a large amount of protein, milk mushroom contains:
Lactobacilli are microorganisms that are useful for humans in that they take part in the synthesis of enzymes and vitamins. These bacteria help to maintain the protective properties and optimal composition of the intestinal microflora.
Bifidobacteria-help to improve digestion, maintain the state of the intestinal microflora, help to fully absorb nutrients.
Vitamin a-is responsible for skin condition, vision, production of sex hormones and digestive enzymes.
B vitamins-affect the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems, increase the rate of antibody production, contribute to the maintenance of skin and mucous health.
Mineral substances (iodine, calcium, iron, zinc).
Polysaccharides, amino acids, enzymes.
Ethyl alcohol in small doses (has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system).
Useful property
Tibetan milk mushroom affects all systems of the body. Leaven has the following useful properties:
Due to the high concentration of vitamins and the ability to effectively clean the intestines, Tibetan milk mushroom strengthens the immune system.
It promotes the treatment of gastritis, colitis, gastric ulcers, has a stimulating effect on intestinal peristalsis.
Removes from the body toxic substances, toxins, salts of heavy metals.
Helps to clear blood vessels, normalize cholesterol levels.
Fights pathogenic flora in the intestine, effective in dysbacteriosis.
It helps to improve metabolism.
Reduces blood pressure, normalizes the state of hypertension.
In the heat perfectly removes thirst.
It helps to increase the quality of sleep, prevents stress, depression.
Improves mental activity, memory.
Helps to fight obesity.
It has a positive effect on the skin.
It contains folic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the development and condition of the fetus during pregnancy.
Helps fight acne.
Increases sexual activity in men, is the prevention of prostatitis.
Prevents premature baldness.
It relieves the condition after excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.
When milk mushroom is contraindicated
Drinks based on milk mushroom are not allowed for everyone. Taking the product is prohibited:
People with hypotension, because after drinking the pressure may further decrease.
Diabetics treated with insulin, drinking kefir have under control — can dramatically drop your blood sugar.
People who have individual intolerance to milk protein.
Simultaneous intake with alcohol is prohibited.
Do not drink such kefir with exacerbation of gastritis or stomach ulcers.
It is not recommended to drink the drink at the same time with drugs — you need to take a break for at least 3-4 hours.
How to take a Tibetan drink
The minimum dose of drinking milk mushroom drink per day is 200 ml, the maximum-800 ml. This amount will help to achieve a healing effect, used for the prevention of diseases.
It is better to start with small doses (for adults — 100 ml, for children — 50 ml). Drink it better after dinner (at least 1 hour before bedtime) or on an empty stomach in the morning.
The course of taking kefir for health purposes-1-3 months. Then you need to take a break of 30-60 days.