Rules for posting information

In order to avoid contradictions, all terms and definitions used in these Rules correspond to the terms and definitions reflected in the User Agreement and Privacy Policy document located at

Placement of advertising information about the User and its products is possible in relation to any companies or private individuals located on the territory of Russia or abroad. In one ad, you can specify the item or service.

It is prohibited to post:

1. Information on goods prohibited for distribution by current legislation of the Russian Federation including, but not limited to, the following information: alcohol products, counterfeit goods, narcotic substances, psychotropic substances, explosive substances and materials (except pyrotechnic products), goods and services subject to certification / licensing, in the absence of the necessary certificates / licenses;

2. Incorrect information about other users (legal entities, individuals, as well as individual entrepreneurs) already registered on the portal.

3.Graphical information and / or texts using abusive and abusive words, obscene and offensive expressions and images, comparisons and expressions in relation to gender, races, nationalities, religious symbols, social categories, official state symbols.

4. Information about goods and services subject to mandatory certification or the implementation of which requires a special permit, license, in the absence of relevant certificates, permits, licenses (Article 12 of the Federal Law "On Licensing Certain Activities" dated 04.05.2011 N 99- FZ)

5. Information infringing the copyrights of third parties, patent law, information containing commercial secrets, copies of websites or individual pages, graphic images and texts posted on the Internet, if copying is prohibited by the owners of the original.

6. Electronic databases that facilitate unauthorized distribution of information.

7. Databases containing personal data.

8. Any information about the development, manufacture and use of software, hardware for obtaining information from communication channels and other means of secretly obtaining information.

9. Any other information not related to the sections of the Internet portal

The Internet portal prohibits trade in special technical means by secretly obtaining information (earphones, key chains, glasses with a built-in camera, a watch-camera, radio electronic and special technical means, and the like).

It is forbidden to create a large number of identical ads (with identical text, graphic images, website, key phrases). Such actions are considered by the Administration of the Internet portal as an attempt to spam. Such ads will be rejected during the moderation stage and after the publication and operation of the Internet portal services

Users placing advertising information about their activities and products of their production, subject to mandatory certification, registration or licensing, on the Internet portal, in accordance with the Federal Law "On Licensing Certain Activities" dated 04.05.2011 N 99- Federal Law and Federal Law of March 13, 2006 No. 38-ФЗ “On Advertising”), it is allowed to publish such information only if there are relevant certificates, registrations and licenses.

The user is obliged to provide the Internet portal, as well as post on his page on the Internet portal documents confirming the compliance of the posted information with the requirements of the Federal Law "On licensing certain types of activities" of 04.05.2011 N 99 -FZ and Federal Law of March 13, 2006 No. 38-FZ "On Advertising")

The administration of the Internet portal reserves the right to change and delete information that does not correspond to at least one of the clauses of these rules for posting information without warning and / or notifying the User who posted this information.

Users of the Internet portal not displayed in the search:

1. Users who have indicated a meaningless set of characters in their name and / or ad text.

2. Users who have placed links to external sites in the ad text, provided that such a link does not lead to the User’s site.

3. Users who use html-code in ad text and headings, spelling words with spaces between characters and capitalized letters (with the exception of abbreviations.

4. Users who place ads with grammatical, punctuation, or syntactic errors, with a description on the transliteration, as well as with an SEO-directed description (meaningless set of keywords).

5. Users who place ads with violations of the rules for registration of commodity positions, such as: a list of goods, services, activities and other information banned for publication on the Internet portal 

6. Users registered on the Internet portal, but who have not added at least one commodity item to the Internet portal

Additional requirements for promotional materials posted on Internet portal

1.Text and title of the advertising description or ad must be written without typos and competently.

2. The theme of the ad should correspond to the selected headings, sections and subsections of the Internet portal

3. It is not allowed to use an IP address instead of a domain name.

4. Contact information of the User must be specified correctly and without typos.

5. The graphic image provided by the User as part of an advertising description or advertisement must comply with the technical requirements for the image (size, file format, etc.) of the Internet portal The graphic image should be of high quality, clear image, as well as correspond to the title / text of the ad and the content of the page containing the advertising offer.